LaTeX output

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LaTeX output

Message par lukamar » ven. nov. 24, 2017 2:02 pm


could a button for copying LaTeX code to clipboard be included next to "~" (approx) and "del" buttons? It is very useful to be able to copy computation output in LaTeX form with a single click. Of course, one could use "latex" function in Giac, but it's not so convenient as it requires separate command "latex(...)" to be called. I find the shortcut "ctrl+T" in Xcas standalone application, which does the job there, very handy when writing papers and materials for classes, and students have an easy way to create formulas for their writings (whether they use LaTeX, LibreOffice Word or MS Word).

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Re: LaTeX output

Message par parisse » ven. nov. 24, 2017 3:43 pm

I just tried (in xcasfr.html), but I'm not convinced by what I did, because you have to press the button, then press Enter to run the command again inside latex(...) then double-click on the corresponding output to get the latex. Perhaps it's better to use a browser that does not understand mathml natively like Chrome, there the output is already written in latex and rendered by mathjax, perhaps there is a way to get the latex source.