Xcas features that I don't want to go away

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Xcas features that I don't want to go away

Message par XcasEngGuy » mar. nov. 17, 2020 7:55 pm

Xcas has a couple of features that I find very useful and might not be obvious:

A matrix can combine equations and text. This makes it so I can label data and equation blocks.

The substitute command does not barf when I use a matrix with text in it.

Also, the markers that were added in the latex output not too long ago, allowing me to block output of grouped items in a PDF created from the latex output from Xcas.

I have attached a Xcas sesstion as an example. I used bash scripts to block the display of grouped items, and in back_calculate_new_with_commands.pdf I show the output with commands included with each step. I back_calculate_new.pdf I used a bash script to remove the commands an leave only the comments from each command line. The result works very well for me for teaching and presentations of calculations.

Thank you for a great program,
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