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Publié : mar. févr. 23, 2021 2:07 am
par belanger
(I'm not sure if this is the right subforum to post this, but here goes...)

In the index_en.html file that comes with Tableaunoirxcas, the code that actually saves the session (in the "My Board" part of the menu) is missing. It is there in index.html, so I can get it working with a cut-and-paste, but I thought it worth mentioning. (Similarly for the Export functions.)
Indeed, should be fixed now, with the new link
https://www-fourier.univ-grenoble-alpes ... eauen.html
Also, the value of UI.langue is checked several times in giactableau.js, but the value seems to be hardwired in giacsimple.js.
Is there a way to change the value in index_en.html?
Indeed, now added at the end of tableauen.html
Tableaunoirxcas used to have the khicas option, which caught my attention because I thought that khicas was the version for calculators. (The latest version adjusted this to Xcas.) But then I noticed that "khicas" sounds a bit like "kick-ass" (as in "extremely good or impressive"). I wondered at first if this was deliberate, but then it probably isn't a phrase in French. Still, it seems appropriate.
It is deliberate, but I decided after to keep KhiCAS for calculators, and Xcas for tableaunoir.