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Citing Giac and Giacpy

Publié : sam. juin 23, 2018 8:09 pm
par jocaps

Is there any guideline for citing giac and giacpy? I am trying to write a manuscript on sum of squares of rational polynomials (Sturmfel's problem) and need giac and giacpy for many of my computations. I would like to cite giac (and giacpy) for this. I understand Magma and GAP have their guidelines :

For Magma:
For GAP:

I thought that similar guidelines would exist for giac but couldn't really find one.


Re: Citing Giac and Giacpy

Publié : lun. juin 25, 2018 5:54 am
par parisse
For giac, you can cite as Giac/Xcas, Bernard Parisse and Renée De Graeve, version 1.4.9 (2018), If you are using the work of Luka Marohnić, then you should also cite him. Probably the simplest is to add his name after Renee's name if he's ok!
For giacpy, the author is Frédéric Han, I leave him reply.

Re: Citing Giac and Giacpy

Publié : dim. juil. 01, 2018 7:37 pm
par frederic han
Indeed I'm the author of giacpy, there is no particular instructions for citing giacpy.