chk_integrate 1.4.9-69

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chk_integrate 1.4.9-69

Message par frederic han » ven. juil. 27, 2018 7:07 am

Hi bernard,
if I built 1.4.9-69 on fedora but gh-timokau also got this on sage, there is a new doctest failure in chk_integrate due to an ordering of terms:
for us the sign(a) is before while for you it is after.

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4>> integrate(sqrt(x)/sqrt(a**3-x**3),x);
do you mind changing this (for distrib packaging a doctest failure is a pb)? For instance this works for me

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3>> regroup(integrate(sqrt(x)/sqrt(a**3-x**3),x)-2/3*asin(sqrt(x)*x/sqrt(a)/a)*sign(a));
but it still detect the old behaviour: (with 1.4.9-45 it gives me:

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2>> regroup(integrate(sqrt(x)/sqrt(a**3-x**3),x)-2/3*asin(sqrt(x)*x/sqrt(a)/a)*sign(a));


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Re: chk_integrate 1.4.9-69

Message par parisse » sam. juil. 28, 2018 5:58 pm

Unfortunately this is not really predictable... Perhaps a normal(integrate()/sign(a)) would do the job.