set manipulation.

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set manipulation.

Message par compsystems » jeu. mars 12, 2020 3:03 am

Hello Mister Bernard
The following xws file contains several examples of operations on sets, ... as_eng.xws
this file is based on Maxima. ... ma_35.html

There are some small details that can be incorporated into XCAS, I am going to show item by item

1: If set( a, b, c ) to construct a set with members or elements a, b, c then add set() as generator an empty set -> set[]

2: test0 := apply('trigsin',set[1,cos(x)^2+sin(x)^2]) [enter] [1,1] should return set[ 1, 1 ] without simplifying common elements
because in the following instruction it does not do what is expected
eval(test0) [enter] [1,1] should return set[ 1 ]


PD: In the following file I am writing in Spanish referring to the manipulation of sets ... as_spn.pdf